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I’m Lauren Nesbitt, the founder of Rosefinch Studio. Rosefinch Studio was set up for my love and excitement for all things handmade. Creativity has long been part of my life and it’s always provided me with such joy and excitement. After finishing a BA (Honours) Textile Design degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and relocating to Somerset, UK, it wasn’t long before I found myself planning my wedding. I absolutely loved researching, sourcing and making wedding crafts. We had a small wedding day of under 30 people and I was on cloud nine whilst preparing for all of the crafty aspects of it. Several of our guests made comments on my decorations, some referring to our venue as ‘magical’. Since the beautiful wedding and after some careful planning, Rosefinch Studio was born. The name ‘Rosefinch Studio’ originates from our house, of which we lovingly named ‘Rosefinch House.’ I design and produce illustrated stationery for special occasions from ‘Rosefinch House’ in Somerset, UK. Crafting is still a huge part of my life. I love creating craft tutorials and writing interesting content about all things handmade. My biggest hope is to spread joy, happiness and inspiration to my readers.

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