The Start of a Brand New Hand Embroidery Pattern & a Little Behind the Scenes Peek

Hello! This is another short but sweet post just to share my latest work in progress with you all and to give you a little peek into my workroom. I always love to see behind the scenes blog posts from other artists and designers, so I thought you might do also. Don’t you just love these DMC embroidery floss colours?

At the beginning of April, I decided to design a series of hand embroidery patterns containing affirmations and quotes for a brighter day. The first hoop in the series proudly displayed the words ‘One Day at a Time’ surrounded by beautiful flowers. You may have seen my previous blog post about it here and it’s now listed on Etsy. It’s received a lot of love from embroiderers around the globe so far.

I’m excited to say that I’ve now started a brand new hand embroidery design containing another quote. This particular quote is quite personal to me and I’ll explain why when it’s released and is ready to download. Just so you’re not left entirely guessing, it’s the perfect quote for those who may be struggling with confidence and are not feeling quite good enough. It may just act as a little reminder that actually, you are!

This photo was taken this afternoon just after I’d transferred the design to my fabric. After I’ve designed my hand embroidery patterns on my iPad using ProCreate, I always use a light box and Frixion heat pen for transferring the design onto the fabric. Once I’ve finished sewing, the black pen marks can be removed with a hairdryer which is extremely useful, particularly if I’ve had to make any adjustments or haven’t quite embroidered up to the black lines. I promise I will share more of this design with you once I’ve made greater progress.

This above is a different design to the ones discussed, but I just wanted to show you my iPad in action. Here I have ProCreate open on the iPad and I’m experimenting with colours on my own illustration; aren’t these bears just adorable? The hand embroidery patterns that I sell as digital downloads often contain the embroidery pattern itself in the form of a black and white line drawing (making the tracing process very straight forward), and in addition, a coloured-in illustration just as you see above, so you can see the full colour palette. I always include thread colour keys too, so you know exactly what coloured thread to use where and aren’t left guessing at any point.

Once I’ve finalised the colours on my ProCreate iPad drawing, I always refer to my DMC embroidery thread colour chart so I can accurately match the embroidery thread colours up to those on the drawing. The chart contains over 400 embroidery thread colours so there’s always a perfect colour match.

It’s then time to get stitching! As you can see, I have quite the collection of embroidery hoops. Some of them I’ve had for many years (at least 15 years), so I’ve become quite attached to them, as you can imagine. A well looked after hoop can last a very long time as you see here!

These are some of my most commonly used hand embroidery supplies. The sewing box is brand new, it was part of a present from my Husband in celebration of our 7th wedding anniversary which I recently blogged about here. The 7th wedding anniversary is ‘wool’ themed; can you spot the sheep pattern? It really is the perfect gift as I can leave it open while I’m stitching and it holds so much. I really don’t know how I managed before I was given it.

Anyway, that’s all from me now. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ll be back to share my progress with you on my latest hoop. Take good care of yourself. Bye!

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