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DIY Chalk Popsicles


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We found these wonderful chalk popsicles on the Hello Wonderful blog today. What a fabulous idea they are. With adult supervision, children are bound to love helping to prepare these for all of their friends prior to their party. If you do not have a large concreted area in your garden, large blackboards would also work very well. You can create some great traditional outdoor games with the chalk markings, such as snakes and ladders, noughts and crosses, hopscotch and many more.

Here are Hello Wonderful’s four easy steps:

1. Gather your materials. Plaster, Water and Food Colouring

2. Use one plastic cup per colour and mix the plaster and water until a paste forms, it will resemble frosting. Mix in the food colouring until you have your desired colour.

3. Using a plastic spoon, place the plaster mix inside the mould, add a popsicle stick in the middle, placing down as far as possible.

4. After 45 minutes, the popsicle chalks should be hard enough to take out of the silicone moulds. Allow them to dry upright in a cup until they are completely hardened.

Please do let me know if you try this, I would love to see your comments and photographs. Thank you again to Hello Wonderful for such a fabulous idea.

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