The day I said ‘I do’…


Anybody who knows me well knows that I love cake decorating. I have spent so many hours on Pinterest followed by hours of experimentation in my kitchen. I had been following Hannah from Bath Baby Cakes from the very beginning of my wedding planning. I loved her work so much that I decided to ask her to design my cake and biscuits. I had already purchased the topper from Do The Deco of which Hannah used as a basis for the designs. I knew that my decorations would be very bold and bright so I was very pleased to see the designs Hannah came up with. I filled some large vintage style sweet jars with delicious sweets, which may I add were a great success. The guests couldn’t get enough of them! I placed some striped sweet bags and sweet scoops next to the jars. I added some spotty red ribbon to the jars to bring everything together on the table, which I thought worked really well.

After our wedding ceremony we dined at a local restaurant. I decided to make some chocolate covered oreo cookies as mini favours to go alongside the tiny jars covered in twine pictured in my earlier post. I used this recipe from Birds Party and it was a great success. The only thing I would change is the white chocolate for the centre part of the flower. This didn’t work at all as it didn’t set after many failed attempts. I later discovered that using Wilton Candy melts for the whole flower was a much better choice.

After finishing at the restaurant our guests made their way back to our house… where the ice cream van awaited! We used The Split Screen Ice Cream Company. I would definitely recommend them. It was such a lovely suprise for our guests as it was parked on our driveway for when everybody arrived. We wanted to add a special touch to the day and we were so pleased that we had this idea. Another reason why we were so thankful for sunny weather!

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