The day I said ‘I do’…


My wedding day was so beautiful. It had so many personal touches to it and was very intimate which made it all the more special. I highly adore bright colours as you would have noticed so it was really important for this to show. We had a post wedding party at our house so I decorated the dining room and garden with various decorations, mainly sourced online. I decided to have a mini photo booth as I thought it would be a great way of getting everybody together and having lots of giggles. I created the props using cake pop sticks after downloading a selection of photo booth printables from Etsy. There is such a fabulous selection on there. I also bought a small roll of wrapping paper as a backdrop and we set the camera up on a tripod, which was controlled by a remote.

The mini jars you see were filled with sweets which I bought in bulk online. I used jam jar covers and cut them to size with some crinkly craft scissors. I then used some decorative labels and colourful twine to finish them off. These were placed on the table in the restaurant we went to, before making our way back to our house. The beautiful jars you see are from Abigail Bryans Designs They are advertised as candle holders but I filled them with flowers.

It was actually forecast rain on our wedding day, but we were lucky enough to have very long periods of sunshine with a few showers. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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